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Heirloom Origins

Heirloom varieties are rooted in indigenous and local communities who first developed, protected, and propagated them.  There are groups and organizations dedicated to these communities, protection of bio-cultural diversity, food sovereignty and beyond.  SEAD works to partner with and support these efforts.

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Indigenous Seed Keeper's Network

The mission of the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network (ISKN) is to nourish and assist the growing Seed Sovereignty Movement across Turtle Island ( North America). As a national network, they leverage resources and cultivate solidarity and communication within the matrix of regional grass-roots tribal seed sovereignty projects. 

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Alliance of Native SeedKeepers

The Alliance of Native Seedkeepers seeks out a future where indigenous peoples may live with the security of food, health, culture, environment, unity, and justice.  They redevelop the spiritual bonds people have with seeds, which in return teaches us how to become more environmentally, culturally, economically, and health conscious


Native Seeds/SEARCH

Their mission is to conserve and promote the arid-adapted crop diversity of the Southwest in support of sustainable farming and food security. Native Seeds/SEARCH seeks to find, protect and preserve the seeds of the people of the Greater Southwest so that these arid adapted crops may benefit all peoples and nourish a changing world.


Dream of Wild Health

The mission of Dream of Wild Health is to restore health and well-being in the Native community by recovering knowledge of and access to healthy Indigenous foods, medicines and lifeways.


The Cultural Conservancy

Each season they grow, save, and share seed from culturally important Native heirloom crops and California native plants. Their Native Seed Library reconnects Native community members with their ancestral seeds and helps to keep alive seed stories and seedkeeping traditions from across Turtle Island.


Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance

NAFSA was created to bring grassroots practitioners, communities (rural, remote and urban), and organizations together along with Tribal governments to share, promote and support best practices and policies that enhance dynamic Native food systems.

hvFarm hub.png

Hudson Valley Farm Hub

HV Farm Hub seeks to respect seeds as living beings, increase seed literacy in its region, investigate conventional seed relationships, offer local solutions, and diversify the genetic, agricultural, and cultural presence of seeds in our region.


Seed Saver's Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange stewards Americaʼs culturally diverse and endangered garden and food crop legacy for present and future generations. We educate and connect people through collecting, regenerating, and sharing heirloom seeds, plants, and stories.

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